My Thoughts | A Little About Me: Why I Love Music

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Music really is a magical thing. It is utilized literally everywhere in the world and guess what, I feel like it only brings about positive effects to each and everyone of us. From work to leisure to even sleeping, music aids us and make us better people than we were yesterday or comforts us during our lowest moments. No matter the case, it is really a blessing to everyone of us.

My love for music started at the age of 10. Interestingly enough, I didn't really like music before that age since music literally made me suffer AKA PRACTICING ON THE PIANO FOR MY MUSIC EXAMS. But as I grew older, I slowly grew fond of it. Through the endless practices of piano pieces and scales on the piano as a kid, I came to realize the vast history of music and the impact and emotions it can bring. The point I'm trying to get through is that my love for music isn't because of a really pretty or handsome singer ( but I do like some LOL) but it is due to the raw essence of music: giving life meaning. Well I'm not really a philosophical guy, but I truly mean it when I say it "gives life meaning".

At around 11 or 12 ( I can't remember), I started liking Kpop, more specifically Korean Bands like CNBLUE, FTISLAND. My favourite band is FTISLAND. I remember blasting their songs in my room and shouting our their songs, thinking that I could sound like them but sadly I was way off. But yeah, those were one of the most memorable periods of my childhood and music was the one responsible for that. I remember looking forward to come home everyday just to listen to their songs.They were a boost to my mood during joyful days and they also accompanied me through those dark days when I was feeling down. It almost feels like music has become my "friend" instead of just something we listen to for enjoyment and such. Okay, I know at this point of time (if you are reading this) that I sound like some loner kid that doesn't have any friends, AND YOU'RE PROBABLY RIGHT :(. But however I don't feel bad for myself as I got to discover music.

Even now, I still hold the same passion that I had as a kid but my music preferences has changed a lot. From loving bands and rock music, I have turned more into a ballad person but nonetheless, music still plays a big part in my life. Many people do not know this side of me as I don't really talk about music that much or I act like I don't actually care, but I do. Honestly, I really want to path a career with music but I know it will be a tough journey and I might not have the guts to do so. HENCE, I started this music blog just to rant about music stuff that I can't get out in the real world. (HAHA, WHAT A JOKE) But it has re