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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

You may have started learning the piano or is in the middle of learning it. Either way, I'm here to give you some tips on how to play the piano better for you guys.

Of course, like always, I'm not a professional in this field. However, I have played the piano for quite a while now and so I'm just here to share some tips about how to improve your piano skills!

P.S I cannot guarantee that you WILL play the piano better after reading this blog post but assure you these are what helped me become better at playing the piano.

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Okay, so first off play the piano better, you need to improve your fingering.

What do I mean?

Basically you have to improve your fingers: make them flexible, make them stronger and make them quicker. How do you do it? Well you can start by doing some finger exercises! Here's an article that teaches you how:

The article talks about three main exercises: warm up, velocity and finger-independence exercises.

The warm up exercise is definitely one of the most important exercises to follow.

Warm up

It ensures you don't overstrain your fingers (yes, you can if you play vigorously enough) and of course allows you to perform better for the rest of the exercises.


This is essentially a exercise to make sure that your fingers are able to move quicker and move in CORRECTLY. A lot of people make the wrong judgement of moving the hand too much when playing fast when all they have to do is to move ONLY the fingers, without rocking your hand.

Finger/Hand Independence

It basically talks about the POINT OF CONTACT of your fingers. It trains you to apply pressure on your fingers adequately, depending on legato or staccato or dynamically.


To play the piano better, you need to be able to READ the music as well.

Hence, it is important to improve your sight-reading as well.

Here are some tips to help you sight-read better:

The ACEG and FACE method

This helps you to memorize the location of the notes and memorize them faster, hence improving your speed of reading them

Memorize key signatures

This is VERY important to anyone when sight-reading. Key signatures are basically effects to certain notes, making them sharpened or flattened. If you do not know your key signatures, playing the piece itself might be an arduous task and playing the piano better is even harder.

Make Markings on the Paper (during practices)

This is probably one of my most used methods when learning how to sightread. This little aid can help you to read notes much easily and you can use it as a progressive training. Slowly but surely, you can stop making markings and play the piece as it is! You will slowly play the piano better!

If the tips doesn't help, the best way to improving sight-reading is to practice, practice and practice. Reading more scores is the MOST efficient way to make you improve your sight-reading. So practice more!

If your really want to play the piano better, having these tips can help you know the right ways to improve but in the end, it all boils down to the amount of practice you put in, just like singing or dancing.

With the correct methods and lots of practice, your piano playing skills will definitely improve tremendously.

Sorry, this is a really short post as I could only think of these tips. Playing the piano really is a technical thing and practice is the best way to go. Ok BYE!

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