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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Singing is definitely a wonderful thing: being able to express your emotions without a care of the world.

It is a joy to sing out loud and turn all out our feelings into melodic lines of sounds. Just like the most of you, I'm really enthusiastic about singing and I've even made a blog post on Beginner Tips To Sing Better.

So today, I am going to talk to you about the benefits of singing!

Yes, singing is good for you ONLY if you do it correctly and adequately (read to the bottom for more information)!

Singing Helps You Breath Better And Gives You Better Posture

When we sing, we breathe in through the diaphragm so that we can generate more air to be directed to our mouths.

Did you know that that helps us to breathe much more easily compared to breathing through your chest? Since we breathe more deeply and slowly through our diaphragms, we are able to take in more oxygen.

In order to project our voices, we also learn to sit upright or stand upright. This teaches us to have great posture!

Singing Allows You To Connect With Others

There are many singing communities out there who are comprised of mostly music lovers and church choirs as well. These groups allow you to make friends with like-minded individuals or even with people who are in the group as well.

Singing Allows You To Understand Different Cultures And Religions

We are all culprits of singing to songs of different languages. Through the singing of the songs, it entices us to learn more about the culture and religion behind the music!

Take for example, Kpop, a world-wide phenomenon, that is pop songs in Korean. While we do not understand Korean, some of us still sing their music and in the process, learn more about the Korean culture!

Here is to address what I stated in the beginning:

Why Do I Mean By "Correctly & Adequately"?


<I'm not saying that singing would be completely bad if we sing incorrectly or in large amounts (we could still make friends and understand cultures and religions through singing), but that the negative impacts would OUTWEIGH the positive impacts, hence singing would not be good for us!>

There comes a dilemma that singing might seem harmful if we look at how many singers who once were on the verge of losing their voices.

Jess Glynne, a singer, was "forced to pull out of the weekend's Isle of Wight Festival after consulting a doctor" according to NewsBeat and she had to undergo vocal cord surgery and has the risks of losing their voices after the surgery

Adele also once had to undergo the vocal cord surgery in 2011.

And why did they hurt their voices? It isn't because they aren't singing correctly but because they were singing TOO MUCH.

The overuse of their voices has led to the damage of their vocal cords. Singers often have to maintain high standards even during live performances and hence strain their throats so much and so frequently that they damage their voices!

Similarly, singing with improper form and technique can also lead to the same outcome!

Hence, singing is definitely good for you BUT you have to be sure that you sing correctly and adequately such that vocal damages doesn't ruin you!

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