Guides | 4 Warm Ups For Singing That You Should Try

Before starting to sing, it is really important to warm up your voice so that you can perform better and also to prevent any injuries!

So here are the 7 types of warm ups that you can do before you start singing for the day!

1st: Dog Breathing

I know that this sounds stupid but trust me, it works.

This method sounds exactly like its name: breath like a dog. How?

Just stick your tongue out and start panting! I've mentioned about this in my "Beginner Guide On How To Sing Better" post, do check it out as well!

You will realize that you are using your diaphragm to breath and hence its a good way to get your breathing going. Repeat this breathing technique for around 10 times ( breath in and out) for each set and do 3 sets in total.

After that, you will start breathing correctly and you will be ready to start singing!

2nd: Low To High Notes

Low To High Notes basically means to start from your lowest note and work up all the way to your highest notes without having any vocal breaks or lack of breath ( so it would be better if you did start regulating your breathing first with the dog breathing technique).

Use the vowel "a" to make things easier!

So, all you have to do is start from the bottom, it should be relative easy since you haven't warmed up and your voice isn't opened.

Work your way up from your chest voice, then to your mixed voice, then to your head voice and lastly your falsetto.

Be VERY careful not to strain your chest voice during the transition from your chest to mixed voice. Straining is very common since your head voice is harder to access at the start and hence its very EASY to strain.

Do this procedure for around 15 times and you should be all set! This warm up is to help you access all the types of voice mechanisms!

3rd: Volume Warm Up

Similar to the Low To High Notes Warm Up, the Volume Warm Up involves you to sing from your lowest note to your highest note as well.

The only key difference is that on every note, you will have to start soft, then gradually become louder and then go back soft again.

This is to help you control of your voice much better!

Use the vowel "a" to access your voice easily!

4th: Do Stretching

This is the most important of all - Do. Your. Stretching.

Many people often forget about this since singing doesn't really use much physical strength but in fact stretching should never be overlooked in singing.

Singing requires you to use your WHOLE body's strength to produce resonant and rich sounds and it is really easy to get cramps if you do not stretch and perform rigorously.

Start by stretching your head: your jaw. Singing requires you to open your jaw to sizes that you normally don't stretch to so it is IMPORTANT to do so.

Lastly, stretch your body: your abdominal area, your back, your sides.

I hoped you find the warm ups I listed effective and helpful!

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