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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

You may have thought of making your own custom ringtone for yourself so that it seems more personalized for you. Or maybe thought of putting your favorite songs as your ringtone to make each call much more pleasant (yeah I do that a lot).

To achieve these, it is definitely important to learn on how to make a song ringtone on your IPhone!

So here's how to make a song ringtone on your IPhone (or basically any music you can get your hands on).

Follow these simple steps and you can learn how to make a song ringtone on your IPhone in no time!

1st step: Get Your Ringtone File

To make a song ringtone on your IPhone, it is crucial to get the ringtone itself first and making it to the right file format.

You MUST make sure that your audio file is less than 40 seconds long.

Change the file format of the song ringtone to .m4r.

From MP3 To M4R:

There are several websites to change your mp3 files into m4r files like Zamzar or Convertio. But in this case, Zamzar would be better since it works with better quality.

Just follow the steps on the website carefully, and your file will be converted to m4r!

From any other audio format to M4R:

Convertio, is a file converting website that serves to convert a wide range of file formats. In this case, it is able to convert almost every audio format to the m4r format.

All you have to do is choose the type of file format you are converting from, choose your audio files and then convert and download through their link. Yes, that simple!

For ITunes Purchased Songs

If you have already songs in your ITunes library and want to convert them to M4R, you could follow the guide here by WikiHow.

2nd Step: Upload The File Onto Your Tones Library

So now for the main part on how to make a song ringtone on your IPhone, you would have to upload your M4R file into your phone.

How do you do that?

First off, connect your phone to your computer.

Then, open up your ITunes application on your computer.

Go to the "On My Device" and click on the "Tones" section.

Upload your file onto the library and sync your device!

Once done, your ringtone is probably good to go.

3rd Step: Setting Up Ringtone

Head to your "Settings", go to "Sounds & Haptics" and press on "Ringtone".

There, I want you to select the ringtone that you uploaded!

If you don't see it, you have probably made a mistake in the above steps, so do try again!

So that's it for "How To Make A Song Ringtone On Your IPhone".

I hope that this has been helpful for you! If you like this type of content, do subscribe to the blog!

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