Let's Discuss | Is One Direction coming back?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Here's a little history about One Direction:


One Direction is a boy group consisting of five members: Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan. The 5 man boy group made headlines with each song they released, selling millions of singles and albums across the world. As you can see, they are really a successful and talented bunch of young kids. However, after years of their fame, Zayn suddenly announced that he will be leaving the group.

Back to the topic:

This has been one of the biggest questions coming up to my mind every now and then: when are they coming back to the showbiz as a group? I know it has been a long time since they separated (I think since 2015?) and many people were really like REALLY sad about it. Soon after, everyone parted ways and went on to pave their solo careers. Zayn went on to release songs that weren't even similar to 1D's music style like "Pillow Talk" and "It's You" (a little of the R&B and Alternative Pop feels) which was much suitable for him. Harry went on and became even more popular with his Rock songs like "Sign Of the Times" and "Falling" which were highlighted his raspy voice. Liam, Louis and Niall also went on with their solo careers, continuing to be as popular as they were in 1D. In additon, Harry received box success, starring in Christopher's Nolan Dunkirk and Liam has became a father - welcoming a son with Cheryl Cole.

Now that we see this, you must be thinking: "The members are doing so well on their own, would they ever come back?" All the Directioners are probably still hoping for them to comeback as a group (so do I) and based on news that I've read online, THEY MIGHT BE COMING BACK. It is said that the group members have still stayed in contact with each other ever since they separated in 2015 and are planning to have a comeback in the future.

Now the question comes: "When?" In recent interviews with Liam, he hinted that the boy group was going to make a comeback after he was done with his solo albums and touring in 2019. The interview was in June 2018. So, the time for a comeback for One Direction should be nearing.

After this, I don't think there were any further or more substantial updates about their comeback so here's what I think.

My thoughts:

I feel like One Direction WILL make a comeback but not soon and not as a complete group. With the current situation of the Covid-19 outbreak throughout the entire world, it would take at least a year to even allow concerts or fan meets to be held with large groups of people. In addition, with the current success of their solo careers, based on album cycles and single cycles, they wouldn't even have the time to come together to discuss and act on their comeback. Thus, this elongates their comeback by another year. On the "not as a complete group " part, I feel like Zayn, on the other hand, doesn't feel like regrouping like the other members of One Direction. It was said that Zayn and the other members of the group parted "on bad terms" and Liam even said that he doesn't see Zayn in the picture.

Hence, in conclusion, my answer for the question i setted up for "Is One Direction Coming Back" is no. While they might still make comebacks in the future, they will not make it as a complete group. Zayn requested to leave the group means that he doesn't want to be affiliated with the group anymore. This denies any possibility of him coming back together with the rest of the group. With this, One Direction lacking a member is not really "One Direction" anymore. Sadly, One Direction has already left for good since the moment Zayn wanted to leave the group.

All we can do now is to look forward to the rest of the group and enjoy their comebacks but the truth is that we can no longer see the group as a whole anymore.

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