Let's Discuss | K-Pop Suicides - Goo Hara: One Of The Darkest Story In The K-Pop Industry

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

K-Pop, also known as Korean Pop, is a genre of music closely related to the American pop culture yet also integrating a distinct style into it with dancing and having large groups of artists. It is often seen as a bright and colorful concept and artists are idolized and loved immensely throughout the world.

Recently, K-Pop has taken the world by storm with BTS paving their way through the American Music Industry (I did talk about them in my previous post). Fast-forward to today, many Korean groups are known throughout the world and K-Pop has officially become a phenomenon.

Many people all over the world often think that the idols have a great life and aspire to be them, spending long hours training just to be them. However, behind all the smiley faces of the K-Pop artists and positive vibes that they give, there lie deep and dark secrets of the K-Pop industry that we do not know or that we don't really talk about. One of it is suicides.

Today, we will be talking about this topic that everyone often avoid. I know that it is a really sensitive topic to talk about but I am talking with respect to the K-Pop artists that passed on.

So here we go...

We will be talking about a more recent and sadder incident that happened in 2019. She has one of the saddest story to date and still remains being discussed by many.

Goo Hara

Goo Hara is a member of Kara, a girl group. She joined the group at the age of 17 in 2008 after one of the member left the group. Subsequently after leaving the group, she embarked on her solo career and made huge success with her reality show, On & Off.

However, with her fame, Goo Hara also received much criticism by anti-fans. She became the subject of criticism after she announced herself receiving cosmetic facial surgery in 2010.

In addition, Goo Hara also had a troubling love life. She dated Choi-Jung Bum but the relationship became toxic after she was assaulted by him in 2018 where she sustained serious injuries.

The man threatened to release intimate videos of Goo Hara to ruin her career. Luckily, he was caught and sentenced to one year in prison.

With all these pressure and stress from the media and her ex boyfriend, Goo Hara attempted suicide several times according to her brother. There were about 5 times when her brother was forced to come visit her abruptly after being informed that she took dangerous medication.

In the end, Goo Hara committed suicide on November 2019. She left a note that talked about "how pessimistic her life was". This devastated all her fans and the Kpop industry. But the tragedies doesn't end here.

Even after her death, legal disputes to her inheritance happened between her brother, Goo Ho and her mother. Her mother claimed the right to half of Goo Hara's inheritance. However, Goo Ho, her brother refused to allow her to claim the inheritance as according to him, "her mother didn't take care of them since young".

According to the Civil Act, in the case of the death of an adult without children, their mother or father have a right to their inheritance even if they didn’t personally raise and provide for them.

Goo Hara's brother is aiming to change that and started a petition for the "Goo Hara Act"

The act would expand the reasons for disqualification to an inheritance so that it includes those who are substantially negligent of their duties to support direct ancestors or direct descendants.

However, for the act to be active, he would have to gather 100,00 signatures from citizens within 30 days.

Luckily, on April 13, the number was reached and his application for the act is submitted for review.

Till today, we still do not know what is the verdict.

My thoughts:

The K-Pop industry has proven to be really successful and it is a blessing to South Korea. However, with huge success, comes consequences that we have to face. Neitizens' criticism and negative media coverage tend to make problems that K-Pop artists face become even more serious.

In the case of Goo Hara, she was really unlucky to be the center of criticism for her dating scandal and of course her facial surgery. However, this was further aggravated by the assault and black-mailing of her ex boyfriend.

It is really heartbreaking to see a young idol with lots of potential give up their life voluntarily. In such situations, isn't it normal for the netizens or media to give her support and help?

Instead all they do is bring her down to her lowest point and she couldn't take it anymore. This really reflects our society as a whole: we prioritize profits and self-satisfaction so much that we bring others down without even knowing it.

Even if Goo Hara is a celebrity and is supposed to look "pretty" all the time and stop "whining" and being "weak", it is still wrong for us to criticize her continually. Most of the comments that the netizens make are unconstructive and are just there to hurt her emotionally.

Even so, it is not up to me to judge them. I, myself, am a culprit of such doings although not at a large scale.

So my lesson from all this is: only speak if your answer is meaningful and not blatant.

Yo guys, SO SORRY FOR THE SERIOUS MODE, I rarely talk about such topics and avoid them even in real life too so this is really an outlet for me to write what I want.

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