My Thoughts | Let's try that out: Learning to Beatbox without prior experience

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Beatbox is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of mimicking drum machines (according to Wikipedia). And obviously, I do not know how to beatbox... but it really sparked my interest recently due to you guessed it.. Tik Tok. RIGHT, that's so stupid but the truth is the truth.

So today, since i'm enclosed in my house for the lockdown, I went up to Tik Tok to take a look at some funny videos. Then, I came across my man, Spencer X, and boy is he good at making weird noises with his mouth that create grooving melodies to my ears (yes that's how I describe it -_-). This got me quite excited about beatbox. So, as a result, I went up to the Internet to search for beatboxing tutorial.

So first, what I found was my man...AGAIN. Here's the video I watched:

Honestly, I couldn't really grasp what he was saying cause the video was so FREAKING SHORT. But I tried my best and what I learnt from the video are these: the kick, the snare and the high hat. At the start of the video, he told me to have fun since we were learning the FUNdamentals but nope it was terrifying. My kicks were full of spit and my snares and high hats made me sound like I was choking on a popsicle. It took me literally 1 hour just to learn the kick to the point that it sounded decent (yea basically it still sounded like crap). But anyways, after seeing this, I knew that my man Spencer wasn't cut out for teaching so I headed to another video. So i scrolled d