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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

People that love singing would often go for singing lessons and classes to get better at giving a vocal performance. However, is that always the case?

There is a common dilemma of whether singing lessons can actually help a terrible singers or essentially helping us at all.

Hence, in this blog post, I will talk about the benefits and drawbacks to singing lessons and give the final verdict on whether singing lessons are worth it or not.

Does Singing Lessons Actually Help?

Singing is a skill, just like entrepreneurship or carpentry, and has to be learnt from scratch. Some may have more talent in learning it and some don't. However, if taught in the right direction and correct manner, with adequate practice at the receiving end, singing lessons can help a person get better with singing.

There are many singing courses out there that claim to help people to sing better and they are not lying about it. Here is a blog post of some of the best singing courses out there by SingWell.

So in a sense, singing lessons do help a singer get better, including terrible singers as well. However, this is only if the teachers teaching their craft knows their stuff correctly and well and are not out there just to scam people for their money.

Singing Lessons Aren't Always As Beneficial As They Seem

After talking about all the beneficial possibilities that singing lessons may bring, let's face reality. Not all people come out much better at singing after going for singing lessons. Some might just feel that they have just wasted a ton of money for nothing. Why is this the case?

Singing lessons is an investment for yourself and investments have risks. In this case, the risk is you not becoming better at singing. There are many reasons why people can't improve with their vocal abilities.

1st Reason: Fixed Formats Of Learning

Everyone has a different pace in learning things and in the case of singing, this difference in pace can make a huge contrast in your ability to learn how to sing. If you started out rock bottom and do not know how to use diaphragm at all, teaching you to breath would have to take a longer time. Vice versa, if you already know how to, they can skip this process and teach you more advanced things: like mixed voices or falsettos.

If the teachers do not take note of that and just teach you according to a schedule, you will not learn anything and develop even if you started out better or worse.

2nd Reason: Teaching For Money

Singing lessons are a great way to earn money. According to Lessons, the average cost of singing and voice lessons is $60 USD / hour. That's a whopping $180 for a 3 hour session!

With great money comes great scammers. People would see this as an opportunity to jump into the business and start giving singing lessons. They can just whip up some basic lessons by watching Youtube and charge overly priced fees to unknowing students.

Of course, this would just end up with the person earning all that money and leaving the students with nothing but anger and disappointment in themselves.

3rd Reason: Hard Subject To Teach

Singing is subjective. To teach singing well, the teacher would have to know the student thoroughly. They need to know their vocal limits, vocal abilities, and whether they have the correct breathing technique or correct usage of their voices and not straining. Even if one of these factors is not known to the teacher, he/she will be unable to bring you to your fullest potential or get you to improve at all.

Some teachers fail to make their students better at singing because they miss out on a factor that their students are doing wrong. Singing is all about making your necessary organs to work together and project sound. Even if one fails to function correctly, everything is ruined.

Only a teacher that knows you,your voice and his/her craft well will be able to get you to improve your singing.

So is singing lessons worth it?

Yes, of course they are but only if you find a teacher that is genuine, willing to know you well and make custom lessons just for you. And you must put in the effort and time too.

And even if singing lessons don't work out for you, you could always to try learn singing on your own through Youtube or blogs.

That's all for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed and learn more about singing lessons. If you liked this content, share it and subscribe to my blog!

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