Let's Discuss | The Most Commonly Asked Questions About ASMR

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Before I start on this topic, here are the questions that I will answer:

  1. What is ASMR?

  2. How does ASMR work?

  3. When was the start of ASMR?

  4. Does everyone experience ASMR?

  5. Why do people cite ASMR as "weird"?

What Is ASMR?

ASMR, also known as Autonomous Meridian Response, is the tingling sensation that is typically felt from the top of your scalp, all the way down to your neck and upper spine according to Wikipedia.

In simple terms, ASMR is a response that your body has towards "triggers" of sounds, visual or even touch of something which is rather pleasant and soothing. Although it sounds like there is a lot of explanation and logic behind it, ASMR actually does not have any science behind it but more of a subjective experience for everyone.

It is a booming community that started out small and was first coined in 2010. Today, Youtube has many creators that revolve around ASMR content like ASMR Darling, ASMR Zeitgeist, ASMR Jojo and many more.

How does ASMR Work?

In the ASMR community on Youtube, ASMR is communicated in many different ways. Creators use any kind of objects to create sounds that are pleasant to the ears. From spraying water with a bottle, tapping on wood surfaces to brushing on the microphones.

Role playing ASMR are also popular in the community. The creators use props and settings to fit a certain kind of role play and in the process, make ASMR sounds. There are normal role play videos like clinic visits, barber haircuts, doing your makeup or even fantasised role plays like meeting the Joker, attending Hogwarts and much more.

Normally in ASMR, people use it for relaxation after a long day, to help them sleep better or to treat their mental illnesses. However, there is a minority of people that use it for sexual pleasures which is entirely unacceptable to the creators and the ASMR community as a whole.

When was the start of ASMR?

ASMR actually has existed for a very long time and doesn't really have a start to it since it has been something that we experience. It is just that people often do not know the sensation that relates to ASMR and has only been officially coined in 2010 and made popular recently.

To many people, there has always been a "trigger" to them experiencing ASMR but they do not actually know that it is ASMR. Only until they stumble upon the term ASMR, do they know that they are already experiencing it.

Does everyone experience ASMR?

The answer is no. ASMR cannot be experienced by every single human being in the world. While some may take longer to get the hang of ASMR, some may instantaneously get ASMR, there are those that will never experience ASMR.

In fact, as reported by Sciencedaily, an experiment was actually conducted to see if ASMR could actually be experienced. In the experiment, participants were told to watch two ASMR videos and one control video that is non-ASMR. Half of the participants were reported to have felt tingly sensations from the ASMR video while the other half were unable to.

Right after, brain scans were conducted on the participants and these were the results. Participants who experienced the tingly sensations had great reductions in their heart rates and became significantly relaxed compared to those who didn't experience tingly sensations.

This shows that there can be people that don't experience ASMR.

Why do people cite ASMR videos as "weird"?

The explanation to this question is the unconventionality of ASMR videos.

When people first get in contact in ASMR videos, they would feel that it is creepy/weird since the things that the creators do are illogical and not understandable. It is normal to feel this way since ASMR videos are a new thing and does not fit in social norms today.

Even with the majority of people who watch ASMR videos, they wouldn't share about their ASMR experiences since they also feel that it is weird. Although they know that ASMR videos are beneficial and helps them, it doesn't defeat the fact that ASMR videos are unlike other videos and might not be socially acceptable.

This "weird" stigma revolving around ASMR may stay around for now and maybe upcoming years. However, it would definitely change in the future when the peoples' perception and interests change.

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