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My Thoughts | Triggering Memories With Songs

Updated: Feb 16

At many points of your life, we have listened to many songs, of different genres, changing as we age and as music progresses. At each point in our life, whether we were feeling sad, demoralized, happy or angry, we would listen to certain music to soothe our ourselves.

In a way, music has become a collection of memories for us. We get to reminisce to our past with music that even our brain cannot remember or more precisely, recover. That is the fascinating thing about music.

I have came across many friends that have gone through their break ups with their partner and they all listen to sad songs to make themselves feel better. Every time they hear these songs, they would be reminded of the relationship they had and most of them would think of the fun times they had with their ex partners.

There were also people that went to the army and throughout it all, music stayed by their side. It was a custom for soldiers to march and sing army songs that didn't sound the best but was the most meaningful at that point of their lives. The every now and then of mentioning about army songs would trigger their memories about the good old days of serving the nation.

Personally, going through the army was one of the most memorable thing I did probably in my entire life. I still remember waking up shivering in the cold rain at the field and the endless marching at the parade square. The songs that I listened to during those periods meant a lot to me and gave me strength. Until now, listening to them would bring back the emotions that I had then.

Music is a time capsule to our past and brings back the emotions and memories that we felt back then. It is a beautiful thing that makes us appreciate music even more. No matter who you are, music has definitely accompanied you through some tough periods and shared joy with you during those happy occasions.

Music is like a friend, telling us stories that we experienced together in the past and only giving, never taking anything from you.

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