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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

KAACHI (가치)is the first London Kpop girl group. They debuted as group just recently this year. On the 29th of April, KAACHI have made their official debut in Korea.

Due to KAACHI being the first to debut from London, they received massive attention from all over the world so as to see what they are capable of.

From left to right: Coco, Chunseo, Nicole, Dani

On the 29th of April, KAACHI released their official music video for their debut song "Your Turn" on all their social media platforms and received a lot of attention from the netizens.

And they are mostly bad... Nonetheless, I'm here today to review KAACHI as a group and talk about their music in general.

Here is their music video:

Here's what I thought after watching the video.

First of all, I'm not being racist or anything but is KAACHI trying to replicate Kpop in London with only ONE actual Korean in the group? I know it is okay to have different nationalities in the group like Lisa in Blackpink, Tzuyu from Twice, Ten from NCT and so on but it doesn't feel right to have A MAJORITY of foreigners representing a Kpop group.

This brings me to my next point: they sing Korean weirdly. Yes, as most of KAACHI are not authentic Koreans, it is only normal for them to speak Korean with a weird accent and that really ruins the music as well (like imagine you singing Kpop songs, mumbling the words all the way, yeah it sounds stupid doesn't it). And also because of this, the song is mostly in English which just ruins the whole point of it being a "Kpop group". Their singing is sub par at best when compared to the groups produced in Korea as well.

One redeeming factor is that KAACHI dance quite well. Yes, their movements are actually pretty hard to get and need much dance training to execute. HOWEVER, their movements are not synchronized.

You could tell from their official choreography video here:

It is really obvious from their positions, the timing of their movements and their expressions. Each member is different in their dance moves. In the Kpop industry, synchronization for groups is EXTREMELY important. Even if their singing isn't that good or aren't dancing that well, the synchronization of the group members is a must for each Kpop group. (Yeah, so basically KAACHI isn't cut out to be a Kpop group).

Until here, you probably wonder if what I'm saying is the truth. Yes, it is and I think everyone feels this way as well. I probably think that SO MANY PEOPLE commented on their music video that they had to turn off the comments and likes LOL). I mean KAACHI isn't THAT bad but they aren't good enough to be called as a Kpop group. They must train even more to reach the basic standards of a Kpop group.

However, I wouldn't consider KAACHI as a failure. In Singapore, there was a time when a BIG group of girls( around 10-19 people I'm not sure) came together to form a group called BEAUNITE. And that was an ABSOLUTE DISASTER, like way worse than KAACHI. At least KAACHI had a professional advertising, social media accounts and what not, but BEAUNITE? No, they are better off not debuting at all.

Here's a video of BEAUNITE and just see how low quality and cringey they already are just from their introduction:

BEAUNITE more like BE-AUNTIE right? HAHAHA. Oh not funny? Okay never mind, that is what people call them after knowing that they are a joke.

Okay, back to KAACHI. As I was saying, they aren't that bad of a group. However, after scrolling through their social media and watching this video, I couldn't help but feel cringe from them. THEY ARE TRYING WAY TOO HARD TO COPY KPOP GROUPS.

I don't really know what to say, like just look at the intro. That's so weird in a London setting. Yes, the video was filmed IN LONDON. After wards, they proceed to converse with the producers and staff in Korean and that was THE most cringiest thing I've ever seen.

Okay I think I shall end here before I start spouting absolute bullshit. So this is it, my take on KAACHI. I feel like they aren't that bad but seeing the hate that they get, I could understand why. I just hope that they can improve from here. Ok BYE.

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