Review | Park Hyo Shin: Gifted Singer With Terrible Luck Throughout His Life

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

If you made a debut as a singer, gained immense popularity and fame but ended up being overused and cheated by your agency, would you still stay on the path of being a singer? Well, most people would probably say no ( I would too) but this is not the case for Park Hyo Shin. Park Hyo Shin overcame many obstacles as a singer but still rose back to the top as one of the best vocalists in Korea (not exaggerating). Let me tell you his inspiring story...

This is a picture of Park Hyo Shin in 2018, attending an event(?), not really sure.

Park Hyo Shin was born in September 1 1981, making him 39 years old this year. Since young, he has always loved singing and started singing Korean trot at his family's restaurant. Guests of the restaurant often visited the restaurant just to hear him sing. Even when he entered high school, his singing continued to improve and awe many of his friends. Upon his friend and his family suggesting him to join singing competitions, Park Hyo Shin has from then on won many trophies from singing festivals and became a singer.