Review | Park Hyo Shin: Gifted Singer With Terrible Luck Throughout His Life

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

f you made a debut as a singer, gained immense popularity and fame but ended up being overused and cheated by your agency, would you still stay on the path of being a singer? Well, most people would probably say no ( I would too) but this is not the case for Park Hyo Shin. Park Hyo Shin overcame many obstacles as a singer but still rose back to the top as one of the best vocalists in Korea (not exaggerating). Let me tell you his inspiring story...


This is a picture of Park Hyo Shin in 2018, attending an event(?), not really sure.


Park Hyo Shin was born in September 1 1981, making him 39 years old this year. Since young, he has always loved singing and started singing Korean trot at his family's restaurant. Guests of the restaurant often visited the restaurant just to hear him sing. Even when he entered high school, his singing continued to improve and awe many of his friends. Upon his friend and his family suggesting him to join singing competitions, Park Hyo Shin has from then on won many trophies from singing festivals and became a singer.

Soon afterwards, Park Hyo Shin joined an entertainment company as a trainee and soon debuted as a solo singer with his debut song "Something I Can't Do For You" in 1999. Soon after, he rose to fame with his deep, husky voice and gifted vocal talents and was awarded Best Rookie Award at 3 famous award shows in Korea. His fame and popularity kept rising as time goes on and his songs trending in Korea upon release. However, this all changed in 2007 - it was a year that made Park Hyo Shin and his fans succumbed to their lowest pits.

2007: Park Hyo Shin's Unfortunate Events

In 2007, the agency that Park Hyo Shin was signed to didn't give him his income and furthermore they were planned his tour concert beforehand, and Hyo Shin only found this out through the internet. The concert was to be held a month later which meant that he only had a month left for him to prepare. To make up for the lack of time, Hyo Shin put in extra efforts in his rehearsals and overused his throat. At the end of his rehearsal, Hyo Shin could not take the intensity and collapsed and was taken to the hospital. He was told by a doctor that he got a brain disease called Dysphonia which is damage to the voice and makes it extremely difficult for the sufferer to speak normally. Even up till now, Park Hyo Shin is still suffering from this disease (yes, that's so unfortunate of him) . Because of this incident, his concert in Busan had to be cancelled. But the drama doesn't stop here. Hyo Shin was scheduled an encore concert (basically an additional mini concert) as his main concert had already been cancelled.

In view of this, the doctors told him that its really dangerous to perform with his state of voice and if he really wanted to go, he would have to take pills for the rest of his life to live with the damage he has done to his voice. Even in such a dire situation, Hyo Shin carried on to perform for his fans and has chosen the path to lifelong medical aid.

Up till now, you probably think: "Why is the agency so cruel and bad to their top singer, shouldn't they treat him nicely?" I think that probably due to Park Hyo Shin's introverted personality, they probably made use of him to make more money since he had a large fan base and popularity. However, if you think his story ends here, you are wrong.

They agency continued to mistreat even after the concert incident: not giving him income for subsequent concerts and didn't give him income for singing OSTs. Park Hyo Shin eventually got fed up over all of this and filed a lawsuit against his agency for misusing him. Despite all the doings the agency had dealt to him, they won the lawsuit (by accusing him of fraud and evasion of debt collectors) and Hyo Shin was fined 1,500,000,000 won ( that's approximately $1,500,000 USD, i know that's insane).

After being through all this, he declared bankruptcy and had to work really hard to pay off his debts but despite all he did, his debt was far from being repaid. What made it worse was that he was enlisted into the army shortly afterwards. During his army service period, he dealt with all these negative emotions and his repeated applications for financial revitilization (basically a move to get him out of debt) was rejected.

By 2014, his debt had already accumulated to 3,300,000,000 won ( yes $3,300,000 USD ) through interest. While Hyo Shin was at his absolute bottom, his current agency, Jelly Entertainment agreed to help him repay his debts and allow him to become a singer once again.

After this, his debts are repaid and he is a free man again. He started making songs again and performing for the audience to see. In 2014, he came back with a successful hit single "Wild Flower" which entails all the difficulties and obstacle he faced as a singer. From then on, he continued to sing and had no more worries any longer. He even ventured into music theatres and won numerous awards.


This is his first live "Wildflower" performance at a variety show after being on a long hiatus


My thoughts on this:

After reading all this (if you're still here), you would probably think that he has been freed from all the hardships. Indeed, he has but the toll that it has taken on his body will never leave. Even now, before and after performing during his live concerts, he would have to consume medication that helps soothes his throat since the injury he had back in 2007 is PERMANENT. Even so, he continued to sing and stayed strong.

However the sad part is the mental toll that he has suffered from his previous agency had made him even more introverted and he doesn't attend any mainstream Korean shows (that's really sad).

All in all, Park Hyo Shin made his comeback after overcoming such an ordeal which no one would ever think of facing. I hope his story can inspire you as how it did for me: to always stay strong. If you don't mind, DO CHECK OUT HIS NEW SONGS AND SUPPORT HIM!!! Here are some of his songs:

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