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Singing has always been a pleasure for music lovers like me but sometimes it might be difficult to find a place to let out your voice. Karaokes are a tad expensive for just a mere few hours of singing and renting a studio just to sing is out of the question.

So what do we do?

Well, to tackle this issue, I've found 4 free singing apps that you could find on the Play Store or App Store to sing to your heart's content and do so much more!


This is the number one top used singing application in the world with over millions of users from all over the world.

It is available on the desktop and in the App Store and Play Store.


With over 10 million karaoke songs available on the application, ranging from the old classics to the newest released singles and multiple languages, Smule has much to offer.

In addition to its wide variety and number of songs to sing, the most important part is its social features.

Smule allows you to sing a duet, solo, or join a group performance.......

with top artists like Charlie Puth,...

Ed Sheeran,....

and Disney characters,....

or just with random strangers to make new friends!

A lot of singers also use this platform to get exposure since the collaborative performances can be shared on social media. Singers, do take note!

Of course, if you want to get unlimited songs to sing and with no ads, you could always get the VIP access to the app, although personally I feel that there is no need to.


This is a mobile application that I've made a short review on before. Go and check it out now (or not)!

This application is fully in Chinese, so people who don't speak Chinese, this might not be the application for you. :(

Anyways, back to the topic. 全民 party is an awesome app for you to sing karaoke with your friends and strangers. Unlike Smule, this application is more suited for people who likes to sing by themselves since 全民 party doesn't allow duets (Yes, such a pity).

Instead, it allows you to join rooms opened by a host with many people inside (from 0 - 500, depending on the popularity of the room) and you can queue for a turn to sing in the room. It works just like Twitch just that the person singing changes after every song based on the queue.

This is the scene of a typical room. As you can see, the audience are the circles at the bottom and the person singing or hosting is the big circle at the very top.

It is totally free to use unless you want to purchase items to gift to talented singers (just like live streaming) or purchase their singing lessons.

I would totally recommend this since I use it myself as well and it has entertained throughout the lockdown period!

It is available on IOS and Android.

Karaoke Lite

This is a very simple application that doesn't have as much extensive functions like Smule or 全民 Party. Instead, it provides just simple voice search functions and allows you to access Youtube Karaoke videos.

It is an application suited for people who are less picky about the songs they want to sing and just want to sing their hearts out. The songs they provide are limited in choices.

Unfortunately, this application is only available for Android users. Sorry, Apple!


Last but not least, we have Starmaker. Just like the other karaoke apps, Starmaker allows users to sing karaoke songs on its platform with over 50 million users and with a international music catalogue.

Just like Smule, Starmaker allows you to duet with others and make new friends. You could also livestream your singing and receive comments and deserved attention. There are also a bunch of sound effects that you could do to your voice to improve your voice or just to have fun with your friends.

The only thing that stands out from Starmaker and the rest of the applications is that it allows you to upload your own songs onto the platform as a singer, publicizing your work and make you a "star" just like its name "StarMaker".

The application is available on IOS and on Android.

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