My Thoughts | Sing Together Singapore: The Best Comedy Show in Singapore

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

<DISCLAIMER: NOT HATING ON THE CAMPAIGN just talking about my point of view>

This campaign is supposed to be positive and light-hearted but maybe its more of a comedy video.

So if you do not know what is this, here's a little description of it. Sing Together Singapore is an islandwide singalong to well-loved song "Home" in a national effort to keep spirits up and thank front-line and migrant workers amid the circuit breaker period. It took place on Saturday, April 25

at 7.55pm and everyone was encouraged to sing along with it at home. Here's the video for Sing Together Singapore:

So after watching this, you probably think "Wait, what's wrong with this, it's pretty positive and light-hearted isn't it." Well you aren't wrong, its actually quite heart-warming and nice to see. What I'm talking about is the LIVE SING ALONG AT THE RESIDENTIAL ESTATES at 7.55pm. You don't believe me? Take a look at this video:

So first of all, the video is titled "Residents in Yishun singing Home at 7.55pm on April 25", so I was like "Okay cool so I expect people to sing Home as one." Then as the video continued, THERE WAS LIKE NO HUMAN SINGING SOUND like it was just a bunch of people shouting out things. Then at like 00:04, I suddenly heard like elephant trumpeting sound(?) like I really don't know if the video was about Night Safari or what. Then, there were more random sounds being projected. I think heard like monkey and cricket sounds at one point (okay it might actually be real crickets). Okay so I was like "Maybe they just want to liven up the mood?" Those sounds eventually turned into just people screaming and I couldn't really make up words. At this point of time, this is more of like noise pollution than actual cheering or singing for the front-liners and migrant workers.

I'm not hating on these people because I know that they actually want to participate and give support to the people who need them the most now (AKA frontliners and migrant workers). HOWEVER, HOW DO U EXPECT TO GIVE THEM SUPPORT WITH THIS? (like this is an actual question). I wouldn't mind if they were shouting out phrases like "YOU CAN DO IT!", "ALMOST THERE!" etc. But just shouting or making noise(?), that's not really the way to go. For now, I'm just treating it as the people being over enthusiastic for the event (cause I do become over enthusiastic for things and scream gibberish) so it's all good.

The best part about this is that Straits Times titled the video "Residents in Yishun singing Home at 7.55pm on April 25". Like I'm okay with "Residents in Yishun cheering for front-liners and migrant workers on April 25, but "singing Home" is a little far-fetched LOL.

But nonetheless, this is still an event that is meant to help out the front-liners and migrant workers mentally, and push them through this tough period and I'm still thankful that the people participated in the event (however, the screams do crack me up). There are other videos that also show other residential estates giving their support but the Yishun video still cracks me up the most so I'm only sharing it.

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