My Thoughts | Sing Together Singapore: The Best Comedy Show in Singapore

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

<DISCLAIMER: NOT HATING ON THE CAMPAIGN just talking about my point of view>

This campaign is supposed to be positive and light-hearted but maybe its more of a comedy video.

So if you do not know what is this, here's a little description of it. Sing Together Singapore is an islandwide singalong to well-loved song "Home" in a national effort to keep spirits up and thank front-line and migrant workers amid the circuit breaker period. It took place on Saturday, April 25

at 7.55pm and everyone was encouraged to sing along with it at home. Here's the video for Sing Together Singapore:

So after watching this, you probably think "Wait, what's wrong with this, it's pretty positive and light-hearted isn't it." Well you aren't wrong, its actually quite heart-warming and nice to see. What I'm talking about is the LIVE SING ALONG AT THE RESIDENTIAL ESTATES at 7.55pm. You don't believe me? Take a look at this video: