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My Thoughts | Tik Tok: Are the girls there for music or just to make a fool out of themselves?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Tik Tok - the focal point of fun and entertainment for the current generation and I am not gonna lie that there are many funny content creators on the platform like @greerzy, @saydenseay, @benoftheweek or even music entertainers like @spencerx, @tayloresings and many more. However, there is a special group of people on the platform that really don't really make any content but NEVER fail to get clout and attention. Behold, the Singapore Tik Tok girls (idk what they are called but that's what I call them) <rolls star wars theme song>


Before I get started, when I talk about Tik Tok girls, I don't refer to ALL females on the platform. There are actually funny and talented girls on the platform but there is a certain group of girls (typically aged below 19) that follow these mainstream trends and really unnecessarily make it sexualizing(?)

If you don't understand what I'm talking about here it is:


Just look at the thumbnail oh my goshhh. Oh and I have to say that some of the girls in the video do not apply to what I'm saying (I think they got in just because they are pretty)


Ok, so first what I'm gonna talk about is this special breed of people. While I do not have ANY hate for them, I just feel that what they are doing isn't right to gain fame. First of all, WHY DO THEY ALWAYS, I REPEAT, ALWAYS WEAR CROP TOPS/TUBE TOPS/TANK TOPS??? Like I'm fine if you do wear them for certain videos but for every video? Girl you need to cover them skin up yo. Not only this, they DANCE to some music in those outfits and I'm not really impressed with those dance moves. I'm not really a dancer myself but I know a good dance when I see one and I definitely didn't see any AT ALL. Ok, so basically these girls DANCE in their REVEALING OUTFITS in EVERY single video (this is not the worse).

Up till this point, you must be thinking:"HEY! It's NOT up to you to decide if the outfits are revealing or if their dances are bad! You are just being really judgemental!" And you are not wrong, I am really judgemental. However, I do judge people neutrally and with due respect. As more of these videos of these girls are posted online, not only did they garner attention, views and likes, they also received MANY nasty comments like "you look nice", "beautiful" or some even post sexualized comments (keeping this blog family friendly!!!!). Well, if you were the one posting the videos and you received such comments, would you stop posting such content or wear such outfits to attract such attention? YES I WOULD AND YOU SHOULD TOO. But these girls didn't stop. All they was continue to post such videos. Yes, that is why I know that they actually didn't mind such attention. Oh and one thing about them is they LOVE TO TOUCH THEIR HAIR. Don't believe me, watch the start of each video they make. Their hair NEVER stops moving. Honestly, like if they love their hair so much, why not make a clip about their hair instead of DANCING TO THOSE MUSIC.

Well right up till here, I know, you need some live examples for me to analyse. I gotcha fam.Here's an example of a Singapore Tik Tok girl:


here's the link for people who can't watch it here:


Here's a prime example of what I'm talking about. "Crop top" check, "shorts" check, "dancing to trending soundtracks" check, "thirsty comments" check and lastly "more videos like this" check. Just look at the end of the clip, HER TONGUE CAME OUT WTH. Its been long since I've seen someone do the tongue thingy on tiktok since like the "tying earpiece with tongue" trend (its also really bad). But anyways, WTH GIRL?? Does she know that this doesn't make her look sexy omg. She should at least buy a lollipop to lick so it looks better. Or she could get her shorts tied first?? I don't know guys, I really feel like this is really bad for them (image wise) but their monetary incentives might say otherwise.

Just wanna end off with this GIF. This trend will get me killed if it continues so please, stop girls.

Ok that's the end of my rant! THIS IS FOR YOU TAN HAN LIN! Here's a shoutout for him for his wonderful idea for this rant:

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