Recommend | Finding Free Music Sheets? Here are the Top 3 Sites For Finding Them

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Yo guys! I'm back again with yet another music related post. Today, we will be talking about free music sheets... yes you heard it FREE. So without further ado, I will be showing you the Top 3 Sites to find FREE music sheets.


No 3: 8notes

8notes splits its content into three sections: Instruments, Styles, and Artists. Thus, you are able to search for specific music sheets easily and has a wide variety of selections to choose from! Almost all the sheet music on the site has an accompanying MP3 or MIDI file so you can listen to the track while you browse the rest of the content.

In addition to free music sheets, you can also enroll in music lessons that are available on the site (but of course these aren't free lol). AND ONLY IF YOU ARE RICH, go for the subscription at $20 annually to have access to longer and advanced sheets, a MIDI converter and an ad-free website.

Personally, subscribe ONLY if you have something in mind from the website. Or else, it isn't that worth it.

No 2: IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project)

Honestly anyone who searches for music sheets KNOWS about this website. This website has THE largest collection of free music sheets all over the internet. On the time of writing, IMSLP currently has 157,551 works, 510,737 scores, 60,415 recordings,18,683 composers, and 536 performers (WOW!). The searching process for the website is fairly simple and straightforward. (However, one key point to note is that the website mostly provides classical music pieces so for the classical music lovers, this is the one for you!)

In addition, they also have recordings of the music to download (but its pretty much useless) and a forum where you can basically request for scores and stuff and that's pretty awesome.

No 1: Pianotte

For people that are more into modern music, then this is the one for you. This is the complete opposite of IMLSP. It is full of current songs that people search for. BUT the downside is like the site name, its only for pianos. HOWEVER, it is still a good website to find free music sheets

IF you play the piano!

DUDE even the piano poster can't load on my screen -__-

It might not be the most aesthetically-pleasing page to look at, but the site more than makes up for it with its content. There are several hundred tracks for you to download, all of which are delivered in PDF format.

You can browse the free music sheets by A-Z listings, genre, latest additions, and most popular.

So yeah, these are the best websites that I feel like can fulfill the purpose of finding FREE music sheets. Subscribe to my newletter if you like this type of content!

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